Love begins by taking care of the closest ones ~ the ones at home - Mother Teresa


Greetings! Well here we are 7 years later from the time I closed my beautiful gallery, the brick and mortar of Swenson Fine Art in Laguna Beach, to come to my home state of Texas to care for my Mom. She will be turning 96 soon, and is doing as well as is possible for her circumstances. The latest is, that she fell and broke her other hip and we have just come home from 24 days in the hospital and rehab. This surgery has proven to be harder for her sadly.

 While I miss living in gorgeous Laguna Beach and my daily morning walks along Heisler Park, with the amazing sunsets and colors unimaginable, I am at peace with my decision. I do look forward to being near the beautiful and magical ocean one day in the future. 

  In all my travels, in most parts of the world , it is customary to care for our aging parents. I suppose I was influenced by seeing this, but also it has been a feeling deep within that it is the right thing to do. My Moms youngest sister also took care of their Mom, my grandmother. To love and care for another unconditionally awards us with such a satisfying purpose in life. That being said, caregiving does present many challenges. This is definitely a feeling of all coming full circle ~~~


I do not have my gallery for now, but continue to be available for clients. I love hearing from all of you, whether it be for that perfect work of art that you are looking for, or the projects you are creating, or just to say hello. 


Much love and Aloha, Laurie 2-02-2020

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